Peeksi in Media, a relationship connection website scheduled to launch in coming months, recently released a dating-focused blog site. The blog provides those seeking someone special an opportunity to read and share stories of “missed connections,” while offering inspiration and reflections about love, romance and life.

Entrepreneur and founder, Keri Dillingham, believes the new blog is a great introduction to the innovative relationship website, which combines aspects of traditional dating and social networking sites. The blog covers a variety of dating topics from one of its more popular articles about New Year’s Resolutions to advice on meeting someone special. It includes commentary on current events as they relate to love and building relationships.

"The blog will emphasize to single people how easy it is to engage with potential love interests by looking up from their devices, living in the moment and making a connection offline, whether in a coffee shop or in line at the grocery store,” said founder Keri Dillingham. "My vision for the upcoming website is to offer individuals a sense of what it feels like to establish a meaningful connection both in person and online."

The website will serve as a digital space to make new connections, as well as regenerate old love connections. It will allow users the chance to engage in meaningful dialogue and build relationships in an online environment that is user-friendly, safe and avoids the extensive profile creation process required by traditional dating websites.

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