Frequently Asked Questions

Missed Connections

  1. What is a missed connection? There are four types of missed connections: 
  • By chance: You happen to see this person and that person sees you. Your eyes lock, heart races and smiles are exchanged, but words are left unsaid. The place at which this transforming moment occurs can be at a grocery store, on a train, a sporting event, a coffee shop or even as that person’s vehicle passes your own.
  • Initial introduction: This is someone you met one time, possibly at a friend’s event or special function and you are not ready to contact this person directly.
  • Friend, friend of a friend or coworker: You have known this person for quite some time, but have never found the words to express your feelings.
  • A past love: This is a love you have lost either in the recent past or very long ago and you have unresolved feelings that tug at your heart despite the time that has passed.  
  1. I haven't had a missed connection. Is Peeksi the right way for me to meet someone? Based on a Peeksi survey conducted in 2014, 74% of responders of varying ages and relationship statuses reported experiencing one or more missed connections. If you haven't had one yet, stats say you were most likely someone else's missed connection. This means that someone may put up a missed connection post for you as Peeksi continues to grow, so create a profile and keep it. You never know when a post for you will appear in the search results. And, while you are waiting, Peeksi has revolutionized the structure of profiles, added in Personal posts for long-term relationships and created a Cityview album of the members in your geographic area to make to make it easier and more enjoyable for you to find a compatible, lifetime love.
  2. How do I create a missed connection post? Try to fill in the summary without giving too much away. Simple, short and sweet is the best way to go.
    1. Simple: A great missed connection adds in a detail or two that identifies the setting and what occurred. It then asks the person to respond to the post with a detail only those two people would know. Additional information that is added by filling in the proper fields allows you to pinpoint a time, date and place at which the missed connection happened. 
    2. Short: Posts that are too long can scare a person off, even if you've shared an explosive moment. Maximum would be two paragraphs with 3 sentences each. Also, don't go too short either or it may seem like you aren't serious about connecting. 
    3. Sweet: You've already made a lasting impression with the missed connection. Now, keep it going by describing how that person made you feel. Use the post to show your sweet side. 

Personals and Cityview

  1. What is a Personal post? Much like a regular personals ad, these posts provide you with the space to describe what you want in a person or relationship. Peeksi is not a causal dating site, so these posts for serious connections not casual encounters.
  2. What is the Cityview feature? Cityview has been created for those that want to scroll through photos of members that fit their search parameters. Some of us are visually-motivated and feel a connection with a face. If you notice that your search parameters and profiles you are generating do not appeal to you, it may be time for you reinvent the type of person you want. We may think we want one type of person when we are drawn to another. Pay attention to your true attractions, not the ideals and characteristics you think you should want. I may want to be athletic and I do workout, but an avid hiker and adrenaline seeker wouldn’t be right for me. After trial and error, I now know not to search for extreme athletes. How can you change your type to increase your success?

Membership Questions

  1. Can I get rid of the ads? Currently, Peeksi is a free website, which means ads are necessary to keep it running. Until Peeksi becomes a paid website, which will occur after the promotional period ends, it will contain ads with no available option to remove them from view.
  2. What happens if I cancel my profile? Peeksi is a currently a free website. However, as Peeksi traffic grows and the promotional period ends, it will transition into a paid membership website, which means that if you cancel your profile you will have to pay membership fees to rejoin the community. We recommend never cancelling your profile, unless you have started a relationship. Barring a new relationship, chances are you will use your profile or Peeksi’s missed connections posts at a later date.    

Dating Advice:

  1. I desperately need dating advice. Where do I go for help? A list of dating coaches in your local area can be supplied and, in the future, a list of online resources from which you can refer. While the dating coaches are not personally known and Peeksi.com cannot attest to their skills or background, a list can be provided as a helpful starting point. Also, under special circumstances, you may be able to communicate with Peeksi.com's founder, who may be available to coach individuals and couples in dating strategies, relationship dynamics and life motivation. If you need assistance, please email customerservice@peeksi.com. In the meantime, helpful, free advice is available at Peeksi’s blog, which offers articles written by our founder and other insightful experts on a variety of topics.
  2. How do I practice safe dating? Always use your best judgement when speaking, connecting, messaging and/or meeting someone. Safe dating practices may include, but are not limited to: setting up an email account that is restricted to your dating usage that does not contain any personal information in the username or signature; never give out your personal information, such as your address, personal email address, work or school information or your cell phone number until you feel safe; never give out any financial information or passwords; tell your loved ones about the person with whom you are conversing and/or meeting; always meet in a well-lit public place that is filled with other people; meet preferably during the daytime; always drive yourself or obtain transportation for yourself to and from any meeting place; fully charge your cell phone prior to leaving your home or meeting someone; never go to an unfamiliar place; if possible, have a friend or loved one accompany you on a date; use reverse image searches to ensure the photos you are seeing have not been reproduced from somewhere else online via Google Images or Tineye.com; do not leave your food or drinks unattended; be completely honest about what you look like and your age; bring money to pay for your own drinks and meal; do not become intoxicated and avoid alcoholic beverages; establish an endtime for your date; do not become romantically intimate on a 1st or 2nd date and wait until you feel you are ready; and, if something feels wrong, excuse yourself from the date immediately. 

Technical Issues:

  1. I cannot log into my account. Choose the option to reset your password for access to your account. Remember to immediately change your password as the link is only active for a short period of time.
  2. I cannot see my post. Don’t worry! It’s there. Try searching in your geographic area with a unique keyword from your post and you’ll find it.
  3. Can I change my photos? Changing photos is a cinch. Go to your account page and choose edit your profile. You can make all the changes you want from this screen.
  4. Why is Peeksi running slow? This may become an issue as Peeksi rapidly grows. We will keep on top of loading issues as they arise. If you notice technical difficulties, please contact our technical team by emailing customerservice@peeksi.com.  


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