Why Choose Peeksi?
We all seemed to have clumsily jumped over the river from the grassy field of meeting one another naturally to the rocky terrain of online dating without consideration of what we left behind. Peeksi is here to bring people together again. Peeksi scraps computer-generated matches and exhaustive questionnaires -- it's time to bring the outside in!
Missed Connections
Peeksi's Missed Connections build the bridge from the way our grandparents met to today's world of technology and modern dating. With Peeksi, you can reach out to the stunner that made your heart race. Turn that "what if" into possibility. Love stories are borne of such happenstances. Look up from that device to see who's peeking at you, and then see if a post was put for you on Peeksi!
The term, "Personals," may have received a bad rap, but Peeksi is takin' it back! Peeksi's Personals posts, coupled with an innovative profile structure, results in Peeksi being accessible to singles who are tired of games and yearn to find love that lasts a lifetime.